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Brilliant story telling

DSCF7448Our children in Reception have settled in beautifully and we’re delighted to have them in school.  They are already a highly motivated group of children who love talking about things and taking part in the wide range of activities on offer.  This week they’ve been reading the story Peace at Last and lots of the children wanted to make up their own story about what the little bear might be dreaming about. A and J made up wonderful stories and illustrated them with beautiful pictures.  It was brilliant to listen to them as they told me their stories!

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Fabulous story writing


H was very excited to show me the story he’d written in class.  It was a very, very long story and he’d worked so hard to form his letters correctly, to spell words correctly and too punctuate the sentences.  I’m sure you’ll agree, his writing is fabulous!

Well done H, you’ve made a great start in your new class.

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Fabulous role model to others


H is a fantastic member of our Year 6!  She is extremely motivated and thoroughly enjoys challenges.  She’s also got a gorgeous attitude towards people who help her and this week she came to see me to show me the extra work she’d been doing at home with her dad.  She said he’d really helped her to want to do it even when it was quite tricky.  We’re so proud of H as she’s such a fantastic role model to others.

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The Highwayman

Oh my, the work that Class 5 have undertaken related to The Highwayman poem has been breath taking! Following a short project which involved analysing the poem, drama (including dressing up to help get into character and even bringing a horse into school!), filming and writing their own alternate verses, the children have created the most wonderful books. Well done Class 5, I’m so impressed by your imaginative ideas and your ability to follow the tone, rhythm and rhyme of this beautiful but complex poem.

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Children in Class R are so industrious and love using what they’ve been learning in their self-directed play. T and H have made some fabulous pictograms while they’ve been playing. I’m sure you’ll be as impressed as I am with their skills and enthusiasm!